Ticketing System

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A Ticketing Software also famous as the Help Desk Support system is a software which allows organizations to manage their product-related issues by generating separate tickets of customers and streamlining the process of issue resolution. The help desk software collect tickets from multiple sources and tracks all the activities related to customer ticket from fully functioned dashboard.

Each ticket that is created acts as a documentation of a particular issue, it shows its current status and other associated information. These tickets are routed to the IT Help Desk Software or Task Management Software where they are categorized, prioritized, and assigned to different agents according to the availability of the agents. Allotted tickets when received by the agents then they analyze these tickets and resolve the issue. As soon as the ticket resolved agent also mark the context of the issue history and its resolution.

When it comes to efficiency, not all Ticketing System has created an equal impact on customers. Vert-Age Task Management System is a system that makes it easy for your business to track and solve customer support tickets in a quick time. It manages all the information from one single dashboard and allowed each customer a unique ID so that they can also keep an eye on their requests progress.

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