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How the elevator works

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In the simulation of the established Passenger Elevator Factory virtual prototype model, the relationship between the elevator running speed and the horizontal and vertical vibration acceleration of the car is analyzed. Through dynamic simulation, the model is modified according to the general passive control method, and the parameters suitable for the system are selected to keep the natural frequency of the system away from the excitation frequency to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration. For example, the hydraulic elevator adopts rolling guide shoes to adjust the stiffness and damping of the vibration damping rubber pad, and the stiffness of the rope end combination spring.

It should be noted in the research that the stiffness change of the rope end combination spring will have a greater impact on the control of the traction rope tension, because in the case of differences in the stiffness of the rope end combination spring, when the elevator is running, the hydraulic lifting platform is different. Due to the different compression of the spring, what directly changes is the relative length of each traction rope, and the change of the relative length of the traction rope is bound to cause the change of the tension deviation of the traction rope.

Under the empty and full load limit conditions, the tension deviation between the traction ropes will directly affect the traction force ratio of a single traction rope on both sides of the traction sheave, which will cause the vertical vibration of the car to increase. In severe cases, the traction conditions are destroyed, and the guiding rope will slip in the traction sheave groove.

Therefore, the mutual influence brought by the changes of hydraulic elevator system parameters should be considered in the research.


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