How to solve the failure of automobile transmission shaft

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The universal joint for truck drive shaft of a car is a mechanical part assembled from aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. By transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the overall burden on the vehicle can be reduced and fuel consumption can be reduced. As people's desire for comfortable driving is getting higher and higher, the development trend of four-wheeled vehicles has put forward a huge demand for the automotive universal joint drive shaft market.

Flexible drive shafts are characterized by their high durability and allow the vehicle to continuously rotate at high speeds. Torque tube drive shafts are found in heavy commercial vehicles with front engines and rear drives. Torque tube drive shaft types are generally bulky and produce a large bouncing weight on the vehicle.

The unevenness of the drive shaft of the automobile universal joint will present a periodic sound during driving. The faster the driving speed, the louder the noise. When it is heavy, it can make the body tremble, the cab will vibrate, and the steering wheel will feel numb. Because the body trembles, various parts of the vehicle will become loose and cause chaos. Vibration in the cab will cause solder joint cracking. Because of overloading and overhanging, coal-carrying vehicles have more problems with the tortuous and broken drive shafts. Although the drive shaft support is strengthened and the strength of the flange fork is strengthened, it still shows the problem of fracture and destruction.

After replacing the transmission shaft components, after straightening, the balance introspection should be stopped, and the uneven balance should meet the standard requirements. The technical status of the universal joint fork and the drive shaft hanger should also be reviewed in detail. If the cross shaft and roller are damaged due to different requirements of the device, the 5-280X PRECISION 334 universal joint and the roller are damaged, causing looseness and vibration, which will also make the drive shaft fall out of balance.


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