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  • Bookmess ads is now available for top front page. Get more views and organic link building for just $2 a week cheaper than facebook, Google and twitter.

  • This means your post will be elevated above all posts to the top front page.

  • If you have questions please contact us for 24 hours/7 days with instant whatsapp chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KsmxMNOi10ZKtY5mOTtB7S

  • We accept PayPal and Cashapp ( $Kenndia ) and will work to facilitate payment methods from all countries.

  • Banner ads are also available on request.

How To Place Elevated Ads:

1. Simply complete a regular post and send us the link

2. If you already have a previous post, simply send us the link

3. Pay the $2 ad fee PayPal: [email protected]

4. If you desire other payment method acceptable in your country, contact us, we shall work with you.

5. Your post is elevated within 1 min

6. Confirm your post elevation status.

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