TOG value of the sleeping bag

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Another important factor to consider is the TOG value of your baby’s sleep sack.


TOG simply refers to a measure of thermal insulation or thermal effectiveness of a blanket or sleep sack. In short, TOG indicates how well a blanket or sleep sack can keep a baby warm.


You determine the most suitable TOG of your baby’s sleep sack based on the temperature in the nursery.


From the image we have provided above, you can see that different temperatures require different TOG sleeping bags and layering.

A sleep-sack with a TOG of 0.5 is best suited for warmer temperatures such as summer since it is light and breathable. It can be layered with a onesie if the temperatures are about 75-770 F.


TOG 1 sleep sacks are meant for moderate temperatures since they have some sort of insulation and yet breathable. Ideally, they can be worn all year round since they are very comfortable in cold or hot weather. However, you need the right amount of layering depending on temperature.


A sleeping bag with 2.5 TOG is the most appropriate for chilly and cold nights such as in winter. If the temperature in the nursery is under 600F, you should dress your baby warmly by adding extra clothing such as a footless romper, long-sleeved onesie, mittens, socks, and a hat.


Therefore, lower temperature requires higher TOG sleep sack and more extra clothing in order to keep the baby warm.

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