EAs Inventory Hasn'T Been Doing Well For A While

By kingang at 2020-07-20 • 0 collector • 215 pageviews

This might appear kinda dumb but I feel as though at this point they ought to divide the dev group and divide up Madden 21 coins. Rather than paying $60 for Madden, have it split into 2 $30 options. Kinda like who COD split Warzone and the game, but this is somewhat different. Choice A: For $30 you get access to Ultimate Team and play today and that type of material but no franchise style. Option B: For $30 You get access to Franchise Mode, play now, whatever career style, etc.. But no Ultimate Team. And Option C: you purchase the game for $60. Then instead of giving 90 percent to Mut and taking all of the funds, you take the sales from each set and divide it.

Example, if they earn $10M from the franchise only sales, let the franchise team use that money to improve, and if they Make $30M in the MUT only earnings, let the MUT team use that money. And take the sales from the $60 full bundle and split it. It splits the team up, let each staff have creative control over their various parts of Madden NFL 21, and they are not gonna lose any money cause they create more from microtransactions than they do game earnings anyhow. Then it let's the diehard Franchise lovers have a slightly cheaper choice to get what they need because they won't perform MUT anyway. And there is still the option to buy the entire thing. Then maybe they will see the sales numbers and see that diehard franchise people are still here and aren't a small proportion of gamers. I know this would never happen, but it was only a thought.

Franchise is all I can play thus the less they alter the better cuz I enjoyed it at Madden 21

A lot of folks aren't asking for a comprehensive overhaul (though some significant changes in certain regions would be fine ), but mainly just small stuff. Things that wouldn't take away from what you enjoyed...but would make. Even better stat trackings, playoff stat tracking, ability to hire/fire coaches (coordinators, position coaches, scouts), better/more in thickness conversation, fixing all the bugs with the news/headlines (among other bugs)... all things such as that would go a considerable ways in creating the majority of the franchise gamers happy. And they are all things that have been in previous Madden's or alternative buy Madden nfl 21 coins Madden NFL...

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