What You Do On Your Game Rather Than Try To Be All

By kingang at 2020-07-14 • 0 collector • 234 pageviews

Make the court bigger or decrease stride length. In large due to game design although court spacing has been an issue for years due to nba 2k21 myteam mt playerbase. Turning the corner from the protector almost always sets you in the direct path of a bulge steal or dig till you're baseline/sideline. Additionally, it is far too quick to go sideline to sideline and simple to clog driving lanes.

It always feels as though the game forces you to dribble into or shoot in certain spots of the court, I think that this has been around in past 2k's too. Career would profit although this proposal applies more to MyPark. This should allow individuals to be more successful driving to the basket and provide big guys with greater post up chances. It would vastly make crime and defense more fluid and dynamic. More space to dodge screens, play mid size, post up, drive to the basket,etc.. We wouldn't have to play with game after game with the cheese.

This is way more prominent in MyCareer but happens in Park as well with defenders that are beat without momentum moves along with loose balls/rebounding. I really don't see reason for this exist at all, if the AI is getting destroyed then it is getting ruined. Score points or do not change the mechanics of the game to deny, it is built cheating.

For 2k21, it requires better replay 2k21 mt pc demonstration (meaning more and different angles for one highlight), and the choice (such as in previous 2ks) to see your personal highlight reel. In addition, it needs to always show the highlight reel of this game's participant. There ought to be cutaways of bench, coach and audience reactions to highlights... There should be a focus on rivalries... Make it so that in mycareer a participant can construct a rivalry VS a different nba player, or a staff can build a competition VS another group... All these rivalries should be triggered by post game questions where u can diss a team/opponent, or praise them... And if u diss them, it creates a competition point.

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