Bassinet Sheet Safety

By angela at 2020-07-14 • 0 collector • 196 pageviews

As parents, we often worry about all the things that could go wrong with our little ones as they sleep. Thankfully, the American Academy of Pediatrics has specified their safe sleeping recommendations in order to help us avoid any preventable accidents. 

For bassinets, just as with cribs, it is recommended that only a tight-fitting bassinet sheet is used. A tight-fitting sheet will prevent the sleeping surface from having any excess fabric that could be a suffocation hazard. 

Similarly, it is recommended that nothing else be placed in the bassinet with your baby. If your bassinet comes with anything extra that could be a safety hazard, please remove it before allowing your baby to sleep in the bassinet.

Last, it is recommended that your baby is in your bedroom with you for at least the first six months of life. If your baby is with you and their bassinet sheet comes loose or anything else happens with their bedding, you will be able to correct this problem sooner and avoid any harm to your little one. 

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