Find a Sheet or Mattress Protector for the Bassinet

By angela at 2020-07-14 • 0 collector • 197 pageviews


Fitted bassinet sheets and bassinet mattress pads may seem unnecessary, however, there are several reasons that I highly recommend purchasing some for your little one’s bassinet.

First things first. Protect your investment. Baby items are not cheap and if you’re hoping to re-use them again in the future you want to make sure you protect the item’s integrity. If you aren’t protecting your bassinet from the accidents your little one will have you may damage them and end up spending more money replacing the item than you would have spent on a protector or fitted bassinet sheet!

Another consideration is your little one. Babies can’t have many of the comforts we are used to sleeping with and a sheet will provide a soft and slightly warmer surface for your little one. Similarly, the sheet can be washed regularly which will continuously provide a clean surface for your baby to rest on which will help keep them safe and healthy!

Overall, things like sheets for your bassinet are not things that you can’t live without. However, they certainly do make your bassinet easier to keep clean because it is much simpler to throw a sheet in the laundry than try to figure out how to get pee out of a pad!

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