How to Put on Bassinet Sheets and Covers

By angela at 2020-07-10 • 0 collector • 195 pageviews


Fitted sheets can sometimes be hard to get onto the mattress or sleeping pad that comes with a bassinet. Ultimately, it depends on the style of bassinet sheet and bassinet that you have. You’ll likely run into one of these options:

  • Zip on – This will give you a snug-fitting and protective bassinet sheet layer that is easy to zip on and off of the pad and should be pretty straight forward. Be sure that the zipper side is on the bottom or otherwise covered so that it doesn’t snag on your infant’s skin!

  • Slide on – Similar to a pillow sheet, these covers will simply slide onto a mattress pad. Be careful to fold these over and ensure that they are tight-fighting to avoid any potential issues.

  • Wrap around – This style will have an elastic band around the edge that should allow you to wrap the bassinet sheet around the pad and keep a firm, tight fit. This is probably the most common style that you will find, in general.

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