Do You Need a Bassinet Sheet?

By angela at 2020-07-08 • 0 collector • 198 pageviews


Many parents wonder whether or not they need a bassinet sheet for their baby and if they are worth the money. Since sleep and safety are two of the biggest priorities for your baby, I thought this would be a fantastic question to answer with my research and personal experience.

Bassinet sheets are a necessary purchase for many parents because they provide a safe place for baby to sleep during the first several months of life, portability, and assistance with co-sleeping arrangements that allow for easier breastfeeding throughout the night.

Since doctors recommend babies sleep in their parent’s room for at least the first six months and bassinet sheetsmake parent’s lives easier during the newborn months, bassinets can be an incredibly helpful item to have. Read on to learn more about all of the options, various products, and safety information to consider as you decide if a bassinet is essential and worth the investment for you and your new addition.

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