What to do Before Purchasing a Bassinet

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When you go out to make that all important purchase of a bassinet sheet, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Here they are:

  • Look for a sturdy bottom on the bassinet. The bassinet should have a stable, wide base. There should also be no parts that present themselves as choking hazards. If it is made of wood, it should be smooth and splinter free.


  • Ensure that the bassinet mattress pad is firm, smooth, and fits snug. A pad or mattress thicker than 1.5” presents a suffocation hazard so ensure that it is no thicker than that. A hard mattress is not a bad thing. Babies require a firm mattress to prevent suffocation.


  • Look for bassinets that carry the JPMA seal. The JPMA seal means that a baby product has been tested by an independent company for safety and meets or exceeds safety standards. Since it is not required, not all baby products have this certification.


  • Check all of the bassinet’s folding mechanics. If a bassinet can be stored, make sure that when you lock it in place, that it is safe.


  • Check that your bassinet has not had any recalls on any of its parts or on it.


  • Know that a bassinet sheet is only for a short period of time. Most bassinet manufactures have a maximum weight of 18 pounds (while some up to 25 pounds) most say that you must stop using according to your baby’s milestones. These milestones include: pushing up on hands and knees or rolling over. It is also possible that your baby outgrows the bassinet in leg room if your baby is long, so consider this when you make your purchase.

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