How Epic Fantasy is Different From Other Fantasy Novels?

By alanisantamarina at 2020-07-07 • 0 collector • 259 pageviews

Ever wonder why fantasy books are further divided into so many subcategories? To name a few, we have science fiction, children fantasy, heroic fantasy, and then we have the epic or high fantasy. While most people are familiar with all other sub-genres, many get confused about how high fantasy or epic fantasy is described.

The truth is that some of the best fantasy book author such as George R. R Martin, or Alani Santamarina, or J.K Rowling, all belong to this sub-genre. How this is defined, and why it is different from others, let’s see.

Most adventure books for kids are written in epic-fantasy such as Lord of the Rings, A Villain Reason, and more. When writing high-fantasy novels, the author focuses more on characters rather than epic events. Now, you might say that a big war is an epic event but that war will only come after each and every character of that war will have a proper development throughout the story. It is imperative for an epic fantasy story to have a thorough description and development of characters. A Villains Reason is another story that you can read to see an example of the modern era of epic fantasy. 

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