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Graduation Photography in Dilworth-nc

By yaeshach321 at 2020-05-31 • 0 collector • 366 pageviews

Graduation Photography in Dilworth-nc

College Graduation Photography, Graduation Shoot, Grad Shoot Congratulations as you have achieved this great feat! Life is all about achieving and moving to the next level. We can commemorate your special day by being present on the day of your graduation or, we can do a shoot to celebrate your newly acquired diploma!There are specific ways to conduct these events starting at the pre-school level to high school and collegiate ceremonies. Summer Studios have the tools to make these events successful. From handshakes to diploma portraits, we have refined the process to make these large-scale events efficient and profitable. Plus, the ship-to-home service, which is critical in this market, will help you make more money!Summer Studios use the View First method where we photograph every student, collect contact data, and email a link to the customer’s personal image gallery for online ordering. If you have been unsuccessful in the past or feel that you could always earn greater sales from your grad events, we can help. 

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