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Throat Exercises Help Sufferers of Sleep Apnea

By blogo at 2020-05-16 • 0 collector • 448 pageviews

Sleep Apnea is an affliction that affects a huge percentage of the American population. For those who have severe sleep apnea, breathing machines are required to make it through the night. The machines use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) to keep the airways open, allowing users to sleep through the night.

For most, though, there are few "cures" for the disruptive disorder. But what if there were a way to mimic a CPAP machine and keep your airways open throughout the night without spending the thousands of dollars that are charged for the machines?

Many sufferers have found at least partial relief by using memory foam contour pillows. The pillows align head, neck and spine, which keeps the throat in a more open position learn more. But pillows work around the problem, they don't do anything to fix, treat or cure apnea.

Throat exercises do actually make a difference for sufferers of sleep apnea. Whether you have tolerable sleep apnea, waking only a few times per night, or severe apnea, the exercises could help to strengthen your throat walls. Stronger walls are less vulnerable, so they collapse less. Less collapses means more sleep!

The first study was published in a 2009 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Two groups were monitored; one group did breathing exercises and the other focused on throat exercises. Daily throat strengthening exercises included 30 minutes of tongue exercises, swallowing and chewing. After three months, sleep apnea was decreased by 39% in the throat exercise group. No change was recorded in the breathing group.

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