Whether disposable tea cup suitable for serving guests

Disposable tea cups are common in life, especially when guests visit. But many people worry that disposable paper cups can't hold hot water, or even scalding hot water, which means they're not good for tea or coffee. Others say that if you must use a disposable paper cup to hold hot water, the first cup must be poured out and not drunk.disposable coffee cups wholesale Worries about disposable tea cups Why is that? Because many people think that hot water will melt the paraffin wax on the inner wall of disposable tea cups and dissolve the harmful substances on the cup walls. These harmful substances will be drunk into the body along with the water. Long-term drinking will accumulate toxins in the body and lead to cancer. If the temperature of the water exceeds 40 degree centigrade, the wax melts in the water and is harmful to the human body.soup paper cup wholesale There is another worry: when using disposable paper cups, the first cup of water is best not to drink, it is best to wait four or five minutes after the water is poured out, so that the harmful substances in the paper cup fully volatile.

What is the truth of the matter?

In fact, as long as it is the regular factory production of disposable paper cups, are made of wood pulp base paper for single-sided PE film production. PE film refers to the use of polyethylene particles in the wood pulp paper to do plastic treatment for film process. Polyethylene is highly resistant to temperature, and its purity is extremely high, almost without any chemical additives.pla bags wholesale And now people use PE film disposable paper cups are cold and hot drinks can be used, the safety is very high, used to drink hot water do not have to worry about the so-called harmful substances. We must identify the disposable tea cups produced by regular manufacturers, such as inferior packaging, paper cups look very bad quality, a hot water will have pungent smell, immediately throw away. The most common polyethylene coated cups on the market have no wax that melts, and  are not a problem for both cold and hot drinking. Waxed paper cups are cold drink cups and do melt the wax layer by holding hot water, but as a result that disposable paper cups may be porous.paper cup fan design Washing a disposable teacup in boiling water for four or five minutes does not remove harmful substances. if it is a qualified paper cup, the first glass of water is completely no problem to drink, but If it's not unqualified paper cup, don't drink the water, please!

Tips for buying disposable tea cups

Actually, choosing disposable tea cups is the same as buying food.paper tea cups bulk It is necessary to see clearly whether there is clear QS logo, manufacturer information and production date on the packaging of paper cups. In addition, it is also necessary to see the scope of application indicated on the packaging. Regular disposable paper cups will indicate the applicable temperature of the paper cups. If you buy a cold drink cup, do not use it to fill hot water, for fear that leak and burn.french fries paper cup Do not cozily buy paper cups without certificates of quality, the cost of a qualified paper cup is generally not less than 7 cents, so if the sale price of cup is lower, it is likely to be inferior goods. Besides, the whiter paper cup not is the better. Non-recycled paper production of qualified products, the appearance of the color should be slightly yellow. And inferior paper product is pure white more, the hand is wiped still can have a fine powder.

Because many unqualified manufacturers are using recycled paper as raw material for the production of paper cups.paper cup fan factory In the process of making paper cups from recycled paper, manufacturers often add a lot of whitening agent to achieve the appearance effect of pure white in order to increase the brightness of paper. A qualified disposable tea cup do not distort easily. Inferior paper cup is very soft, when water or drinks are poured, they may be severely deformed and even leak. So we can use the hand to squeeze gently in the two sides of cup when choosing paper cup. Hyde, a professional supplier of paper products. And the production of materials are green and will not damage the physical and mental health of users, which is different from many unscrupulous manufacturers using inferior materials to produced disposable products, if you have any need please contact Hyde company!

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Whether disposable tea cup suitable for serving guests
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