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What are the Symptoms of Chronic Cervicitis?

Chronic cervicitis is generally caused by the incomplete treatment of acute cervicitis. Today I will tell you about the symptoms of chronic cervicitis. Let's take a look at them together.

The first symptom is increased leucorrhea. Sometimes it is the only symptom of chronic cervicitis. Usually viscous or purulent mucus. Sometimes secretions may contain blood silk or a small amount of blood, or may have contact bleeding. Because the stimulation of leucorrhea can cause pruritus vulvae.

The second symptom is pain. Pain often occurs in the lower abdomen or lumbosacral region, sometimes in the upper abdomen, thighs and hip joints, which is aggravated during menstruation, defecation or sexual life.

Especially when inflammation extends backward along the uterosacral ligament or along the bottom of the broad ligament of the uterus, chronic parauterine connective tissue inflammation is formed and the main ligament of the cervix is enlarged, the pain is even worse.

When touching the cervix, it immediately causes pain in the iliac fossa and lumbosacral region. Some patients may even cause nausea and affect sexual life.

The third symptom is bladder and intestinal symptoms. Chronic cervicitis can spread through the lymphatic tract or directly spread to the bladder triangle or the connective tissue around the bladder. 

As a result, the urine of the bladder is fecal, frequent urination or dysuria occur, but the urine is clear and the routine urine examination is normal.

In some cases, inflammation continues to spread or secondary urinary tract infections occur through lymphatic pathways connecting the cervix and bladder triangle and ureter. Intestinal symptoms are less common than bladder symptoms, and some patients feel pain when they defecate.

Other symptoms, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic heavy feeling, etc.

A number of factors that may lead to this condition includes infections, chemical or physical irritations, and allergies.

Drug therapy. It is suitable for all kinds of patients, there are five combination therapies for local treatment, i.e. liquid medicine for vaginal irrigation, ozone, atomization, red light irradiation, and symptomatic medication for vaginal interior. 

There are also TCM solution to wash the vagina and then red light or microwave irradiation, or the herbal formula Fuyan Pill is also optional, it can be added or subtracted according to the condition of the disease, which has a very good effect in the treatment of cervicitis and has won the national patent.

Surgical treatment. Daily attention to diet and hygiene habits can again avoid suffering from chronic cervicitis. 

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What are the Symptoms of Chronic Cervicitis?
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