These Five Types of Women are most infected with Vaginitis

Vaginitis is a very common genital system test, which occurs mostly in married women. It is mainly caused by external pathogens changing the acidic environment in the vagina. In clinic, vaginitis can be divided into four types: bacterial vaginitis, candidal vaginitis, trichomonal vaginitis and senile vaginitis.

These five types of women are most infected with vaginitis,if you are in it or not?

1. sedentary and inactive women. Female sedentary inactivity for a long time can easily lead to vaginitis, sedentary inactivity will affect the local pelvic blood circulation, and easily lead to bacterial infection, sedentary inactivity of women are more susceptible to mycotic vaginitis.

2. Women who like to wear tight pants. Some women often pass on tight pants for beauty, but the result is that although beautiful, the vagina is extremely vulnerable to vaginitis due to long-term airtight.

3. Women who are not properly cleaned. Many people pay too much attention to hygiene in their lives, even to the extent of "cleanliness addiction", they will choose to use a variety of gynecological cleaning fluid to clean.

However, excessive cleaning may destroy the acid-base balance of the vagina. Under normal conditions, only natural cleaning with clear water is needed.

4. Abuse of antibiotics. Abuse of some antibiotic drugs will kill some beneficial bacteria in the body. Vaginitis has an immune balance environment, which leads to excessive dependence on drugs and eventually drug resistance, but promote vaginitis.

Natural herbal formula such as Fuyan Pill, has been patented by the country and has successfully cured tens of thousands of women. Because of its added and subtracted formula, it varies from person to person, maintains the acidity and alkalinity balance of women's vagina, protects the beneficial bacteria, without any side effects, and cures vaginitis naturally through a course of one to three months.

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These Five Types of Women are most infected with Vaginitis
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