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The paper cup

The paper cup is a strong paper container made by way of mechanical processing and bonding raw paper (white cardboard) created from chemical wood pulp, along with its appearance is cup-shaped. Report cups used for taken foods are coated by using wax, which can store ice cream, jam, butter, or anything else. The paper cups used for hot drinks tend to be coated with plastic, that may withstand temperatures above 90°C and can even bloom with waters. The characteristics of paper cups are safety, habits, lightness and convenience. It usually is used in public destinations, restaurants, and restaurants. This is a one-time item.

①Light excess fat and anti-breakage. Graded along with glass bottle cups, paper cups are lighting in weight and there's no risk of breakage.

②The price tag is low; the easy quality can save your circulation cost.

③Good look and feel effect; easy to understand printing and decoration, beneficial publicity effect, and marketing.

④ It can be compounded with many different materials to improve that protection function. It is actually compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and various materials to prevent deterioration with the contents.

⑤ Good covering performance, can better maintain the colour, fragrance and taste belonging to the contents.

⑥ The packaging machinery work extremely well for operations to obtain efficient speed, production, and also packaging.

Easy to open and seal, easy for you to open and easy for you to restore.

⑧ It is convenient to deal with high blood pressure and also recycle appropriately, which may save resources.

⑨The breakthrough of new technologies and also new processes has consistently improved the manufacturing engineering of paper cups. New paper cups could promote and promote your promotion and promotion of how the variety of products that appear.

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The paper cup
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