Many Patients say that Prostatitis is prone to Recurrence. What is the Cause of this?

Prostatitis is a type of disease, and it's also easy to recur after treatment. So why does it easy to recur? How do prostatitis patients do to have a good job of nursing?

1. The etiology of prostatitis is not clear. Many patients failed to receive relevant examinations and treatment wasn't targeted, leading to repeated refractory prostatitis.

2. Bad hobbies and behaviors. For example, patients don't pay focus on preventive medical care work, including: smoking, drinking, diet, etc, once sick, the lack of correct knowledge of the disease and non-standard treatment, to ensure bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms produce resistance.

3. Frequent sexual life. Sexual impulse could cause prostate congestion, and too frequent sexual life makes prostate congestion frequency too high, easy to cause bacterial retrograde, bringing about repeated infections.

4. Abuse of antibiotics. This is because part of the prostatitis is not brought on by bacterial infection, clinically referred to as non-bacterial prostatitis, of course, if patients usually do not navigate to the regular hospital for treatment and take antibiotics indiscriminately, it is likely to aggravate the trouble, leading to repeated and protracted illness.

5. Treatment is just not complete. The single method and incomplete treatment are due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the prostate itself, that literally brings some difficulties for the treatment. Many patients throw in the towel treatment as a consequence of incomplete treatment.

Many patients are hesitant to continue consolidated treatment after their condition has improved. On the one hand, they may be no more symptomatic which enable it to not affect their lives.

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Many Patients say that Prostatitis is prone to Recurrence. What is the Cause of this?
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