If you want to have that kind of artistic flamboyance as a HB

If you want to have that kind of artistic flamboyance as a HB, you need to consider the Once Cut archetype Madden 23 Coins Cheap. They are very quick on their feet, and can move around on the field very well, evading and fooling opponents. However, they aren't as quick as speedsters, and they still can't withstand a heavy tackle, so make sure that thumb is exercised before choosing this archetype. Want to play as a HB and also provide Receiving support? This is the right archetype for you if you do.

You'll be acting as a HB and a wide receiver, and will have very good agility because of this reason. This will allow you to have a large impact on your team's performance. However, you'll still be susceptible to tackles like a One Cut or speedster.

If you're going into a team that doesn't need much other than fulfilling your role as a WR, then a balanced one is good enough. You'll have great speed, agility, and acceleration, even better than HBs, but you won't excel at anything. If your team has a unit that is demanding of highly specific skillsets, then consider other archetypes.

Wide Receivers are arguably the fastest players on the field, perhaps even faster than HBs. And if you want to further complement that attribute, select this archetype to make yourself whoosh past Cornerbacks without them even noticing. However, you'll only be able to shine when deep passes are called here, and you shouldn't expect yourself to stay on your feet when you meet a good tackler. Zigzagging your way through opponent defenses is what your specialty will be as a Route Runner Cheap Madden 23 Coins. This archetype is best for those who have a fast thumb and brilliant reflexes.

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If you want to have that kind of artistic flamboyance as a HB
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