How should buttock thigh thick schoolgirl wear clothes

A good body is a lot of girls want to have, but how many perfect people in the world? Here say a short buttocks thigh girls wear skills.http://www.sheinprom.co.uk/prom-dresses-c-412.html

Type A skirt

It is a woman's nature to love beauty, but everyone is not perfect. If you are not satisfied with your figure, you need to make up for it through clothes. A skirt is best with A high waist, which can effectively "shape" long legs and cover the wide hips. Because of the A-line silhouette. The little black dress is a timeless classic. Or opt for a fresh floral dress. The skirt is best to choose a high waist style, the same reason, the waist line is high, the crotch can be blocked, you can have beautiful long legs ho ho ~ the slope of the skirt needs to be controlled, the skirt and the middle of the thigh to leave half a palm of the gap is the best. A dark denim skirt is also a good choice.

Wide-legged pants

Back thick sisters must choose wide-leg pants, can save a lot of girls! 8. 9 wide leg pants are a good choice, exposing the ankle, the legs are especially slim. High waist and wide leg pants are recommended. It covers the width of your legs and makes them longer. Try a classic, versatile black or something fresh, like blue or apricot

Tall waist trousers

Summer is coming. Can't a pear-shaped girl put on hot pants? NO! NO!! NO!!! We can still charming vigor full ~ is still to high waist Waist line is the best in the hem of the belly button is beautiful hot pants proposal for the following design can effectively cover the gap and the thigh to leaving across Through comparison on the vision Make leg appears slender Dark blue, joker black cowboy is very suitable for summer T-shirt, and permeated with thick green girl ~ wind


The choice of clothing can help the beautiful girl block a lot of defects, must learn to choose!

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How should buttock thigh thick schoolgirl wear clothes
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