Coffee cups with lid lets you enjoy coffee better

Many people start the morning with a cup of coffee to go. The fragrant coffee carried on the road is always a temptation, which makes you want to sip it secretly. However, some coffee cup lids are designed not be closed again if be opened. After tasting, the coffee is easy to spill over with the pace or the vibration of the car, even splashing on the body. That ‘s so terrible.

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Design of coffee cup lid

The tiny coffee cup lid, which has been continuously improved since its inception, ?only to avoid coffee spilling on the road. Louise Harpman and Scott Specht, two American architects, have collected over 500 cup lids over the years, and finally published the book Coffee Lids: Peel, Pinch, Pucker, Debrief, which introduces the design changes of Coffee Lids. This "Coffee lid guide" divide the lid of all sorts of types is "Peel type (Peel), Pinch below type (Pinch) type, zipped mouth type (Pucker), Puncture type (debrief)" 4 types. The authors trace the invention of the lid back to 1953, when Delbert E. Phinney designed and patented a peeling lid. So-called "peel" lids, in which a small piece of film is removed from the nicked spot to drink coffee, are also common today. The design of the "pinch down" is similar to that of the peel off, but when the cover is opened, the pressure of thumb and index finger is used to buckle down the cover, rather than completely tear it off. The "puncture" method is to push the raised button down. When the button depresses, it creates a crack, keeping the lid intact and preventing it from tearing when pulled.

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Let you enjoy coffee for a longer time

Temperature is one of the key factors that affect the taste of coffee. Because it is hot, people drink it by sipping slowly so as not to burn their tongue.People also take their cups with lid and is a professional supplier of paper product package.

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Coffee cups with lid lets you enjoy coffee better
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