Buy Or Rent A Car?

You plan to change vehicles but you hesitate between renting and buying? Take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of each formula so you do not go wrong and choose the most suitable to your profile and your needs.

The Purchase

To become the owner of your car, you have the choice between buying cash or taking out a credit from your bank or directly from the manufacturer, in concession.

Buying A Car: The Benefits

You own your car. As a result, you are free to travel an unlimited number of kilometers per year and keep it for as long as you like. Nobody will blame you if your children stain the fabric of the seats or if your dog lacerates the leather of the doors! Finally, buying your car directly is cheaper overall than going through solutions like the rental option (LOA).

The Inconvenient

You take the discount that affects all new vehicles. To put it simply, your car loses between 20 and 25% of its value the first year depending on the model and up to 50% in three years. In addition, if your car is damaged or stolen, you will still pay your credit.

Roll over!

Whether you are a small or big wheeler, employee or contractor, confirmed driver or young driver, find the guaranteed.


According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018, the entire registered vehicle was approximately 3.4 million, with cars and light vehicles accounting for the key proportion of the figure.

Good To Know

Although a new vehicle is quickly losing their worth, there are solutions to optimize its resale price through organizations and resale support platforms.

Renting A Car

Renting a car has not as much of complicated costs largely because registration, maintenance and service costs are taken care of. Make sure you include parking costs, if this is something you have to do.

Benefits Of Renting A Car

  1. No      Depreciation Losses. A great advantage of using a rental car compare to      owning one’s own car is there are no depreciation losses when use Car Rental Company in Dubai,      UAE.

  2. No further      Insurance is necessary. If the person renting a vehicle already has auto      insurance, the majority policies will expand an equivalent coverage to the      rental car without any extra fees.

  3. No      promise. Anytime you want to leave the country, travel for the summer, or      observe that you have a month where you don’t need to commute, you can      simply save Dh2000 to Dh3,000 by just discontinue the rental

  4. Change      your car model. If you have enough money to switch it up every month, you      can try out diverse car models. That way you will never get bored with      what you drive.

 2 Long Term Rental (LLD)

At the start intended for companies wishing to enhance or renew their fleet while delegating the management of their fleet, the LLD is to pay a Monthly Rent A Car Service for a generally new vehicle over a period ranging from 12 to 72 months. It generally includes several services (maintenance, insurance, assistance ...) and defines a mileage not to be exceeded (from 10,000 to 30,000 km / year). At the end of the contract, the borrower returns the vehicle to the lesser.

The Benefits Of The LLD

This formula allows you to change vehicles regularly to enjoy a new and well-equipped car and not worry about resale. Finally, it avoids the unexpected financial (everything is included in the same monthly payment) and the discount that involves the purchase of a vehicle, since the latter quickly loses value after the purchase. In short, the LLD is often ideal for heavy riders (more than 15 000 km per year), followers of the latest models offered by manufacturers.

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Buy Or Rent A Car?
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