The Maplestory M Mesos massively multiplayer

For 15 years, the Maplestory M Mesos massively multiplayer game MapleStory has foretold of a fantastic evil. Everything was great before the Black Mage came in town, tainting everything with his dark magic.

During this time, players have not really been in a position to resist with the guy. For years, MapleStory buffs have leveled up their characters through lengthy, complicated quest lines, coming to the rescue of non-playable characters, fetching them important quest items, all without actually coming into immediate contact with the Dark Mage. Instead, most of the primary bosses in the game are minions sent by the Mage, while he watches , constantly above it all.

But that has finally changed.In an upgrade that came in Korean MapleStory at the summer and is now finally starting in MapleStory globally, players get to band together to combat the land's biggest evil, and now he's here in person. The battle begins after you conquer a number of the underlings of the Black Mage and finish a very long series of quests. In true buy MaplestoryM Mesos style, you never really get a fantastic look at the man's face, and he remains hidden behind a huge hood.

You may discover you do absolutely zero damage, upon entering. That is because the boss' health points are in fact shared across all of MapleStory servers along with all gamers, so that you can not kill him.

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The Maplestory M Mesos massively multiplayer
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