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With Jagex with Twitter so much What's?
With Jagex with Twitter so much What's?

It's getting dumb, since it's already been addressed on OSRS gold Twitter they won't speak about matters on their livestream, nowhere else although they declare earnings on Twitter, if you want any account help it seems the ideal place to go is Twitter. It's as if they operate a shit tier mobile game and do not have a site to declare some of this stuff and if you do not follow them on twitter or pay exceptionally close attention to people with this particular sub relaying the info in their behalf you miss out.

There needs to be a universal feed on the runescape site with community members if jagex wont assign a jmod. Any notable tweet, comment, post, or discord message feeds into it. We have recently had a discussion about implementing this notion, as per jmod proposal about the wiki. It will occur, hopefuly sometime shortly when the code wizards get on it.

The biggest problem with all these is that you have to read beyond a whole bunch of nonsense and useless posts for some meaningful/news information; none of them filter out anything to make it more concise and to the point. Also, any of the reddit or discord message tracking is going to be out of context, so the real meaning might just completely skip you in the event that you don't go farther in the conversation and look back at all the previous messages in the time that you was submitted. Twitter is somewhat better in this regard because the thread of replies is maintained.

So it is far easier to find the circumstance, but still needs extra time spent reading through other stuff which could have been more neatly packaged into a condensed on-site article or in-game message. Some sort of weekly roundup of info from Twitter, Reddit, and Discord ought to be best site to buy osrs gold submitted to the primary website for a news article. Things like coldfixes, hotfixes, and maintenance that is scheduled should have even a note in the lobby or login messages someplace.

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With Jagex with Twitter so much What's?
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