Rebirth of the Eighty's Favourite Little Wife--Meticulously

"Shall I feed you whatever you want to eat in the future?" "Brother Yu Heng, I will be 16 years old after the New Year. Isn't it a joke that you feed me again?" Shi Yuheng looked at the girl in the hospital bed and said with a gentle smile, "Even if you are 26, 36, or even 66, I want to feed you something." "I don't want-" Xu Jiaren immediately shook his head and said, "When I'm 66, all the teeth in my mouth will fall out. When you feed me, my mouth is full of dark holes. How ugly it is!" "No, no, it's too embarrassing." Seeing her shaking her head solemnly, Shi Yuheng's smiling eyebrows and eyes warmed up. He touched the tip of her nose and said with a smile, "You were an old lady at that time. What face do you want?" Besides, really to more than 60 years old, that is also a lifetime of husband and wife, where will care about her teeth do not fall out? What's more, he is ten years older than the little one. She is 60 years old and he is more than 70 years old. It is not certain who has lost more teeth. It's good that the little one doesn't dislike him. In the brain emerges oneself and Xu Jiaren white-haired appearance, when Yu Heng unexpectedly feels very yearning. It must be very happy to be able to hold her hand and walk with her for decades? "Brother Yu Heng?!" Xu Jiaren stretched out her hand and shook it in front of Shi Yuheng's eyes. Only then did Shi Yuheng come out of his own thoughts: "Huh?"? What else do you want to eat? "Don't eat!"! Aishan is downstairs! Xu Jiaren put on a coat and said, "Brother Yu Heng, I'll sit up." "Just lie down. Why sit up?" Shi Yuheng asked discontentedly. Xu Jiaren did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Brother Yu Heng, I hurt my hand,warehouse storage racks, not my leg." "But." "Oh, let me get up quickly, or I will be angry." As soon as Xu Jiaren's small mouth curled, Shi Yuheng surrendered immediately. Since she was a child, as long as Xu Jiaren acted coquettishly, Shi Yuheng would bow his head unconditionally. At this time, when Yu Heng felt that they seemed to have returned to the time when they first met. He could not resist her, nor did he want her little face to collapse. He took a coat for her to put on, squatted down and put slippers on her, and said, "All right?"? Don't be unhappy. Xu Jiaren's temper came and went quickly, warehousing storage solutions ,asrs warehouse, and the corners of her mouth were raised: "Brother Yu Heng is the best!" This side just put on the shoes, Aishan travel-stained pushed open the door of the ward. And don't stop. Xu Jiaren squinted at Aishan and reminded him, "You and I should be in his eyes now." "All right." Aishan hurriedly continued to walk and asked,industrial racking systems, "Beauty, what's going on?" Why do I feel strange between Xu Jiaren and Shi Yuheng? Do you remember the last time you proposed? Do you still remember Tang Jue? Is your headache gone? Ai Shan was full of questions and asked three questions in succession. Hsu Chia-jen tugged at the corners of her mouth and said, "You can trust Tang Jue.". "But I still don't remember who Tang Jue is. Do you understand what I mean?" 。 jracking.com

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Rebirth of the Eighty's Favourite Little Wife--Meticulously
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