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Silent heart also out of a stack of high-pitched light scream, then there is a stream of indescribable heat flow, turned up, unexpectedly silent heart of a little true Yin out, a great complement to the wood yuan. The two men had already recovered their Pure Brightness by this time, but they were already so unable to stop. So how good, unexpectedly grabbed her true Yin, after all, is touched by people's cheap, and then do so, really owe too much. "Just, heaven and earth are dense, all things turn into alcohol, men and women, all things turn into thousands of miles of spiritual intercourse, thousands of miles of heart communication." The newly formed dense pestle wheel, rippling the primordial essence, whether it is the Buddha or the Tao, has a clear precept, storing the essence without revealing it, thus not giving it, which is the so-called "those who consume its essence die, those who preserve its essence live", "those who give it to others will become immortals, and those who give it to themselves will become immortals". But it is not absolute, if the essence of the two Yin and Yang meet, it is able to generate all things, is the power of life. It is only those who practice this way who choose this way not because they are in love with each other, and after meeting, they can reach the realm of "thousands of miles of spiritual communication, thousands of miles of heart communication",ceramic bobbin element, that is, although separated by thousands of miles, two people's breath can also respond to each other, and their minds are interlinked. This is not from the empty place, but a very popular Taoist code, "Zhouyi can Tongqi" said, Muyuan usually also read, but still remember this method. Suddenly, the essence of Yin and Yang converged, and a very surging pure force was born out of thin air. It wandered in the bodies of the two people, but it had no attributes. It was a pure and incomparable chaotic force,ceramic igniter electrodes, an innate force, but it was different from the chaotic vitality evolved by the chaotic Emperor River Beast. It could be absorbed by people to promote their own cultivation. In an instant, Mu yuan poured this force into the Dantian, and instead of devouring it with the Dragon King, he supplied his own golden elixir. Heaven and earth Reiki surge, forming a powerful whirlpool around the two people, countless glittering and brilliant Reiki condensed into a whirling whirlpool, Muyuan pores open, without scruple to absorb these Reiki, the golden elixir hit by the Demon King, almost instantly restored to its heyday, and with the power of life of the intersection of Yin and Yang, it did not stop, all the way up. And abruptly let the repair of Muyuan rise by three points. Appreciating the changes in the body, Muyuan has no doubt that he has been able to give birth to the disaster of nine turns of wind and fire, and can pass through the doom without hesitation. Because of the convenience of double cultivation, one's own divine consciousness is also harmonious and constant. Not to mention the recovery of injuries, the more condensed it is, the more Pure Brightness the Tao mind is. It seems that many distracting thoughts and demons are eliminated with this catharsis. What is even more rare is that Muyuan broke through the crown chakra in one fell swoop, and Brahman and I were the same, savoring a trace of the mechanism of the operation of nature. Chapter 327 eat the marrow and know the taste and open your heart. Chapter 327 eat the marrow and know the taste and open your heart. "Don't you get up?" Muyuan was immersed in the profound samadhi of Brahman and I, savoring the sense of silence and extinction of meditation after the great joy, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,alumina c799, and faintly felt that above his crown chakra, there was a circle of wisdom flashing, shaking slightly, and immediately dragging out a colorful circle of light like broken crystals behind his head, but it was the powerful wishes accumulated in the soul beads that were now all gathered.  Muyuan thought that after all, he was still a man, and after all, he still had to take the initiative. After thinking for a while, he said to himself. Silent heart also thought, "the other side seems to be good, it is better to be everywhere, not to mention that he is already in him, is also helpless, but that day the little prince of the Dragon Department had come to propose marriage some time ago,ceramic welding tape, but that is just a dandy, but far less than this man, but how to fight is a difficult thing.." 。 global-ceramics.com

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Changsheng asked
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