Sad Little Arrow-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise

Here.. Tonight, at some point, no one is his friend, everyone betrays him. At this time, he had a chance to kill gentle first. But he did not do so. Instead, he let go of her and let her get away with panic. Wang Xiaoshi immediately protected her. Bai Choufei covered the wound, the blood gurgling, and he sang a few words: “…… If I were to aim at the world, I would only be afraid that if I made a mistake, I would be laughed at forever. I intended to swallow up heaven and earth, but unexpectedly, all heaven and earth would be destroyed. The voice is dumb. He suddenly clapped his hands. Slap on the tail of the arrow on the chest. Frightened, the arrow pierced the chest and back, and shot into the throat of Liang He behind him. Liang He roared, clenched his throat, struggled for a long time, and finally fell to the ground and died. Bai Choufei laughed miserably, as if he had hurt his heart. He slowly bent his knees and knelt down, facing Su Meng's pillow. I don't know whether he was chanting or singing half a sentence: “…… I was going to "" The voice suddenly came to a halt. 126: I have lived, they just exist. Su Mengzhen was the first to break the awkward silence and asked, "Is he dead?" Then he laughed sarcastically. "He's dead!" He shook his head and let out a long hum. "Now that he's dead, it will soon be my turn." People did not understand the meaning of his words for a moment,outdoor whirlpool, Su Mengzhen had cleared his throat, as if to try to make his life clear, but also to everyone present to hear clearly: "After I die, the position of the leader of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Tower will be passed to Wang Xiaoshi. He can merge the Wind and Rain Tower with the Elephant Trunk Tower, and he can make all the decisions." As soon as Lei Chun heard this, his face was so pink that it was as white as white sorrow. Di Fei is not frightened, tepid, and there is a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Wang Xiaoshi was surprised and said,endless swim pool, "Elder brother, what did you say? What do you mean by that?" Su Mengzhen asked leisurely, "Xiaoshi, do you think Lei Chun will be so easy to mess with, not to avenge his father, but to help me restore my great cause?" Lei Chun's face changed and he shouted, "Childe, have you forgotten our agreement?" Su Mengzhen said calmly, "I just didn't forget." She turned to Wang Xiaoshi and said, "She saved me.". But she used a kind of poison, called "a poisonous rust", which is a kind of dehumanizing poison, and she called the tree wind down on me. I'm aware of it, but there's nothing she can do about it. She knew that I had broken my leg, and my power was reduced by half because of my virulence and illness. She was ordered by Cai Jing to help me restore my position. She secretly manipulated me behind the scenes. As long as I did not listen, american hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, she would be able to usurp my power and position in the future. What she did was more poisonous than killing me. "Master," said Lei Chun suddenly, "since you don't keep your word, I'll have to ask you to listen to the song.." "How do you feel?" Di Feijing still lowered his head,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, as if he was more interested in his own shadow than all the living people. People are not born to seek forgiveness and sympathy. Successful people generally live to do what they should do, but some people live to do what they should do most, and only do what others dare not and can not do. 。 monalisa.com

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Sad Little Arrow-Wen Ruian _ txt Novel Paradise
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