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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine

Without letting Dongfang Ningxin wait, as soon as her voice fell, she saw the Five Emperors Peak floating in the air, and the voice of the Supreme Evil God came out of the Five Emperors Peak. I'm here, what's wrong? Ning Xin, do you miss me? Words to the reader: The Evil God Supreme has come out, and the Armageddon is just around the corner. Besides, how can our family Tianao suffer losses. By Ning Xin that what, of course, to pull back a city, the man's face is more important than the inside, where to eat a loss, where to get back. (Ps: I hope Tianao will not be too brutal and be gentle!) 1191 Look up to yourself Think? Of course I do. She wants to die of the evil God. To fight with the God of creation, to fight with the God of the nether world, one more person is one more chance to win, especially the evil God supreme, who is so powerful that there is no need to worry about betrayal. But now is not the time to say that, but.. "Evil God, what have you found?" This is what Dongfang Ningxin is concerned about. The peaks of the five emperors flashed in midair, and the figure of the evil God appeared in the air. The Evil God Supreme did not answer Dongfang Ningxin's words, but said something else. Sorry, I accidentally refined the Five Emperors Peak. Be that as it may, there was no embarrassment in his expression, but there was a faint sense of pride. The Evil God Supreme refines the Five Emperors Peak,indoor endless pool, which means that he doesn't have to worry that the Five Emperors Peak will be destroyed or taken away by others. From then on, the Evil God Supreme is the Five Emperors Peak. Unless the Evil God Supreme dies, no one can destroy the Five Emperors Peak. Of course, this also shows that from now on, only the evil God Supreme can drive the Five Emperor Peak. If it's another artifact, it's okay to be robbed, but what is the Five Emperors Peak? It is the thing that pinches the lifeblood of the Lord of the Five Realms. This thing, the Supreme Evil God, will not let it fall into the hands of others. He had tasted the feeling of being controlled by others once and did not want to try again. And the most important thing is that he used the Five Emperors Peak to remind Dongfang Ningxin not to regard him as a proud contract beast in the snow sky,Whirlpool bathtub, since they joined hands, they had to give him enough respect, otherwise. He doesn't mind breaking up. When the time comes, both sides will lose. The Evil God Supreme is oversensitive, and Dongfang Ningxin has never had such an idea. However, the reminder of the Supreme Evil God still worked. "Then when I see you, I won't be able to make a detour, lest you be unhappy and destroy me." Shenmue half plays with the pen, half seriously. Small dragon's face, also showing a dignified, look at the evil God supreme eyes, a little more what. After all, this is their life and death and lifeblood. The feeling of being controlled by others is really not good. Ha ha ha The Supreme Evil God gave a hearty smile. Don't worry about this. The Five Emperors Peak is still short of the soul of water, and the soul of fire has been subdued by Dongfang Ningxin. If I want to kill people with the Five Emperors Peak, I have to borrow the soul of fire from Dongfang Ningxin first. Can I kill you if I want to? If I could, I would have killed you. I'm not happy to see your seductive face. Evil God Supreme is also half joking and half serious. At this time, best whirlpool tub ,endless swim spa, we are still in the new marriage period, even if we join hands, we are also on guard against each other and testing each other. Have to. Evil God Supreme nods forcefully: "Yes,whirlpool hot tub, very soon this world will no longer have five realms, only the place where people actually live, and the place where non-human beings live." "The world is in chaos?"? Don't you care about the rules of heaven and earth? Dongfang Ningxin doesn't believe it. monalisa.com

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A Cai-Phoenix Mistake: Substitute for the Abandoned Concubine
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