Iron-blooded Chivalrous Love Biography-Liu Canyang _ txt Novel Paradise

Reaching out to take it, Ao Chu Ge looked at it carefully and said, "Qi Chang, the letter of the Tiger Wind Gang, how could he get into trouble with you?" Hai Qichang said with a wry smile, "Xiao Ao, I don't understand that either.". As you know, I have no contact with Jianghu friends except with you. After pondering for a moment, Ao Chu Ge drank half a cup of wine and said, "Don't worry. Leave this to me. The Tiger Wind Gang is quite powerful here. They won't make much ado about nothing. There must be something wrong with it." Xu Sanjiang said with a worried face, "What you said is so easy. My sister was taken away by them. We are all worried to death. I don't trust anyone with this matter unless I can see my sister!" He was a scholarly disciple. How could he know anything about Jianghu? He didn't care who was sitting in front of him at that time? Full of complaints, Hai Qichang hurriedly pressed his hand and told him, "Sanjiang, this is the brother Ao I often tell you.." As soon as Xu Sanjiang was stunned, his eyes widened and he said, "My God, you are Uncle Ao!" Obviously, Ao Chu Ge had become an idol in his mind. When he knew that he was the elder brother Ao in Haiqichang's mouth, he was stunned. He didn't believe that the famous Jianghu "Smile to See Evil" would be a gentle young hero. In his imagination, he was at least mighty and brave. Otherwise,5 person hot tub, how could he break out of the big situation in Jianghu.. Ao Chu Ge said shamefacedly, "No, maybe Qichang said I was too legendary. I just learned martial arts for two more days. I'm a person like you.." "Brother Ao," said Xu Sanjiang earnestly, "in any case, please rescue Sister yuanyuan." Nodding his head, Ao Chu Ge said gently,outdoor hot tub, "Yes, I promise you with my life that I will try my best!" Holding Ao Chu Ge's hand excitedly, Xu Sanjiang said, "Thank you, thank you." In the yellow halo, Xu yuanyuan was shut up innocently in the room that she hated. She had already wiped away her tears, and her previous fear had gradually disappeared. She had never thought that she would encounter such a thing when she left the cabinet. Could it be that fate had really arranged her life. With a bang, the door was pushed open, and two ferocious men dragged her out without a word. She knew that she didn't need to open her mouth much. She could only bow her head under the eaves of others. She had put life and death aside and was at their mercy. Two menacing candles were burning in the hall. In front of the statue of Guan Laozi, there were three sticks of incense. A man in a pale blue robe was leaning on the master's chair, looking at Xu yuanyuan with a pair of sharp eyes. Countless men in black were standing around, each with a tiger's head embroidered on his chest. Xu yuanyuan was so frightened that his whole body was weak and his hands and feet were paralyzed. "Incense," said a man. The man in blue immediately offered incense and handed a bright single knife to the man in blue. He walked slowly up to Xu yuanyuan and said, "Miss Xu, endless swimming pool ,endless pool factory, the Five Heroes of Xiaguan are the leaders of the three generations of the Tiger Wind Gang. Today is a big day for our gang to worship their ancestors.  Before the word "kill" was finished,endless swimming pool, there were already two more strangers in the hall. These two people came quickly. There were so many masters in the hall, but they didn't see how they got in. Xu yuanyuan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Qichang!" 。 monalisa.com

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Iron-blooded Chivalrous Love Biography-Liu Canyang _ txt Novel Paradise
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