The emperor also knew this, so yesterday he told me not to check again, and it was useless to check. As he sighed, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "Do you still remember the face of that man? How about describing it with me?" Mu Feng thought for a moment and just wanted to speak, but he glanced at the utensil on the bookcase that had not been put away from yesterday's painting. He moved in his heart and said, "I remember it naturally. How about drawing it for you?" "Well, that's very good." An Mowgli nodded and answered. Mu Feng went to the desk, spread out a piece of rice paper, picked up the pen and began to draw the face of the man in white. An Wuji also went to Mingzhao to see the portrait of Mufeng. Face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth.. Under the description of Mufeng, a vivid portrait appeared on the paper. An Mowgli only felt familiar when he first looked at it. Later, the more he looked at it, the more frightened he became. When Mu Feng put down his pen, he nodded and said, "That's it. There should be no difference." After that, he couldn't help being frightened and blurted out: "How could.. How could.. How could it be him? "Who is he?" Mufeng looked askance at Ann Mowgli. He had known Ann Mowgli for months, but he had never seen him so panicked. He asked strangely. An Mowgli closed his eyes in pain and involuntarily retreated, with the word "impossible" written all over his face. He retreated to the wall before he could barely hold a chair and put his body on it with difficulty. It took him a long time to say bitterly, "He, he is Ling Rin." Ling Rin! Mu Feng was also frightened. He opened his eyes wide and asked in a hurry, "Why is he here? Why is he here?" "I don't know." An Wuji said painfully, "I found a file a few days ago. It was a routine report from the military governor of Shazhou. It said he was dead. How could.." At this point, he suddenly stopped and shouted,cattle weight tape, "No wonder.." He should have escaped from the sandbar. The military governor of the sandbar didn't know his identity and thought he was just an ordinary sinner. So although he escaped, he didn't care. He just reported that he was dead as a rule. Anyway, the sky was high and the emperor was far away, so he couldn't control him. No, I'm going to find Long Yi and ask him to seal off the nine gates and search the whole city. As he spoke, he got up and walked quickly to the door. After a few steps, he stopped and bowed his head. "No," he said. "Long Yi won't move without the emperor's orders. But this.." When An Mowgli hesitated, Mu Feng, who had already figured out everything, got up and said, "You should tell her." "Why.." An Mowgli asked in reply with a painful look on his face, "The emperor finally has you now, and he is looking at that man slowly. Now tell the emperor, Fiberglass tape measure ,Fish measuring board, isn't that.." "No matter what." "No matter what, she is the one who needs to know everything most, and you can't hide it. If he can do this one thing, he can do the second and the third. It's too late to tell her then."  If you don't go,Surveyors tape measure, not only will it not be a show, but it will be a play. If you go to the prison, I can't save you." "Yes.". tapemeasure.net

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