Zhu Xian _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise

But Qinglong was not a mortal after all. He was the first of the four sages of the Ghost King Sect. Naturally, he was outstanding. He twisted his body and went through the gap where the body of the white bone demon snake twisted. He flew in the opposite direction of Qilidong. The white bone demon snake roared and flapped its wings to catch up with him. Qinglong spent a while, after all, his way is deep, gradually the white bone demon snake and other demons far away, a look at the distance is also relatively far, the heart is planning to get rid of these monsters, in the return to Qilidong to see how the situation of those Miao people? Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of purple awn in the woods under him, and then blood splashed, and the monster roared one after another, and all the monsters in all directions rushed to the place under him. Seen from the air, countless ferocious monsters bared their teeth and brandished their claws, like endless waves surging in the sea of evil, which is really soul-stirring. And among them, it is mixed with a woman's angry shout. As soon as Qinglong's heart moved, he turned around like lightning for several years, and finally he broke down and went to have a look. As soon as I got into the woods, I could only smell the stench, and I wanted to vomit. There were monster corpses everywhere, lying on the ground in pieces, and blood spattered everywhere. Not far away, as expected, there was a woman-like person fighting with countless monsters,Magnesium Sulphate producer, with a purple and shining magic weapon in his hand, sharp huff and puff, which was extraordinary. As soon as Qinglong's eyes shrank, he lost his voice and said, Purple Mang Blade.. Are you Jin Ping'er? The woman seemed to be taken aback, looked back, the body floated over, but the head did not stop at all, purple mango mountain shaking body, there are three monsters killed. Who are you? The golden vase fell to Qinglong's side and said coldly. Qinglong wondered why Jin Ping'er,potassium sulphate fertilizer, who was practicing Taoism at the moment, did not rise into the air? Once in the sky, only a few of these monsters can go up to the sky, so is it not simple? Although the heart is thinking like this, but Qinglong is still ready to answer, but not waiting for him to open his mouth, he and Jin Ping'er two people at the same time a body shock, if there is a feeling, together look forward. Just now, countless monsters, who had fallen into the realm of madness, suddenly retreated like the tide, but in the depths of the forest in front of them, a cold killing intention came over, which made the two of them, who were so high in Taoism, could not help but fight a cold war. Qinglong heart a burst of horror, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, the place of southern Xinjiang, unexpectedly there are such terrible things! Just as they were startled, the next moment, behind a huge tree in front of them, a figure suddenly flashed, and a man slowly came out. The man was clothed in bright silk. His black hair was scattered on his shoulders, his hands were slender and white, and his appearance was extremely handsome. He turned out to be a beautiful young man with almost a few powder. Instead, they relied on their ingenuity to chase and fly near the White Bone Snake Demon. Occasionally,calcium ammonium nitrate price, they sniped at the White Bones Snake Demon in the air. However, the body of the snake demon seemed to be very tough, and the ordinary magic weapon could not hurt him. stargrace-magnesite.com

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Zhu Xian _ Xiao Ding _ txt Novel Paradise
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