Medical career and official career

Zhang Yang sat down and said, "I know everyone doesn't like meetings, so let's make a long story short. Everyone knows that Wen Zongli came to the construction site of the New Sports Center yesterday to inspect. He was satisfied with the overall construction of our project, but he also pointed out many of our shortcomings, especially the safety and quality issues. Safety first, quality first." These two are what we must do, and they are indispensable. In fact, we have emphasized this matter more than once in the past, but I still think that some of our comrades have not paid enough attention to it, so I decided to carry out a major safety and quality inspection within the scope of the construction site of the new sports center, set up an inspection team, thoroughly inspect the construction projects under construction, and use self-inspection and mutual inspection to find out as soon as possible. And overcome it in time. Hearing what Zhang Yang said, Li Changfeng felt much more balanced. It turned out that it was not aimed at their family in the new century, but to carry out this major inspection within the scope of the construction site of the new sports center. Liang Chenglong's affluence was no exception. Liang Chenglong and Chang Hailong looked at each other. Both of them felt that Zhang Yang's decision was quite sudden. When Wen Guoquan came to inspect yesterday,shuttle rack system, he did not raise any questions about safety and quality. What was Zhang Yang singing today? After the meeting, several construction contractors left first. Zhang Yang said to Liu Gang, "Director Liu, please sort out the list of suppliers for the construction of the new sports center as soon as possible and find out what materials Huiqiang's company has provided!"! It was after Zhang Yang came to Nancy that the Sports Commission obtained the command of the new sports center project. Liu Gang nodded his head when he was not very clear about the specific situation of some material suppliers in the past. "Hui Qiang?" Asked Li Hongyang? Is it Hui Jingmin's son? Zhang Yang said, "That's him!"! Xiao Tiaomin said, "I heard that Hui Jingmin was detained for corruption and bribery,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and the amount of money involved is quite large.". Zhang Yang said with a smile: "We are the Sports Commission, not the Discipline Inspection Commission. Hui Jingmin's affairs have nothing to do with us. Now our main task is to find out the things within the scope of our duties and eliminate the hidden dangers before problems arise. Don't wait for others to find out the problems.". Li Hongyang said: "But in the past, our sports committee was not responsible for the new sports center, and even if we find out the problem, it has nothing to do with us.". Zhang Yang said: "If something really goes wrong, the leaders will not tell you these reasons. What they want is an explanation. What they want is someone to come out and take the responsibility. Everyone should be vigilant. I don't want anything to happen to the Sports Commission again.". Everyone was silent. Zhang Yang used the word "again", which made them think of Yu Jintang. The matter of Sheng Jintang had sounded the alarm bell for everyone. Zhang Yang was right to prepare for a rainy day. After the meeting, Liang Chenglong did not leave immediately. He stood in the courtyard of the headquarters and smoked silently. When Zhang Yang left, he saw him and walked slowly to his side and said, "Wait for me?"? Liang Chenglong did not deny it. With a hum, he threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stamped it out. Zhang Yang couldn't help scolding: "You have this quality, Automated warehouse systems ,pallet rack shelving, and you have no sense of public morality at all.". Liang Chenglong said with a smile, "Well, why should we stop work to carry out safety and quality inspection?"? He has not sent money and goods directly to Hui Jingmin. Only by letting Huiqiang participate in the way, let him get practical benefits, in law should not find too many faults, and the Dongjiang Stadium has come to an end, Liang Chenglong also paid a lot of price for that matter, and his uncle is the Secretary of the Dongjiang Municipal Committee,heavy duty cantilever racks, Vice Governor of Pinghai Province, if Huijingmin points his finger at himself, it is obviously unwise. kingmoreracking.com

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Medical career and official career
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