Online Games: Raging Death

Follow the route in your memory to the lava cave. Liu Yunfei remembers that there are three BOSS in the lava cave, commonly known as Sanshabi. But to say that they are silly is just to say that they look silly. In terms of strength, they can completely abuse players of the same level. The most important thing is that there are three of them as soon as they appear, which explains the truth that there are many brothers. Faced with the bombardment of three BOSS, it is usually difficult for a team of less than 100 people to threaten them. Fortunately, Liu Yunfei only came to practice the baby this time, and had no intention of chatting with these three fools. As long as he pays attention and doesn't go into the cave where they live, Liu Yunfei is all right. Soon a cave with a strong smell of sulfur appeared in front of Liu Yunfei, where many yellow sulfur crystals had been condensed. Liu Yunfei knows that these crystals do not look good, they are real sulfur mines, learning mining skills can be collected. It is also one of the main materials for making bomb props. Speaking of bomb props, Liu Yunfei felt depressed. Also do not know the game official is the head show funny or want to neutralize the strength of the medicine man. Now players can learn a new life skill, gunpowder, as long as they learn alchemy and reach the expert level. Gunpowder, as its name implies, is to let players build bombs. Any home-made bombs,automated warehouse systems, mines, palm mines can be made, if the skill level is high, it can also make props like ice grenades and flash bombs. The only difference is that these props are consumables. As a result, the game was already rare, and it was not easy for him to appear as a violent bandit to revitalize the number of players for a period of time. It makes forming a team and wanting to form a bomb doctor is like looking for a panda. However,metal racking systems, the more important this profession is, the stronger it is to control the field. Some teams have to arrange their own training, which is similar to the training of priests. And Liu Yunfei also heard that when assembly and casting reach a certain level, he can learn mechanical manufacturing, and can make mechanical walking machines, pacemakers, small old helicopters, airplanes and so on. But Liu Yunfei didn't see it with his own eyes and didn't know if it was true. But he was not surprised to think that in the world of Sheila, he had seen such supermachines as air warships and sky cities. Entering the lava cave, the fastest thing was a group of fire-winged bats hanging at the top of the cave, which rushed towards him enthusiastically. These bats top out at level 33. But a large number is still very troublesome, push back racking system ,teardrop pallet racking, because it is difficult to lock the target. Liu Yunfei did not want to grab the experience of the nightmare, and immediately released the nightmare and let it imitate a fire-winged bat to meet it.  It seems that when the target is hit during the jump, especially at the moment of taking off, it will not only be affected by the floating effect of the skill,metal racking systems, but also increase the height of the floating. Want to understand this day, Liu Yunfei can not help the corners of his mouth emerged a mysterious smile, he thought of several fun ways to play. I don't know if he will cry in the battle with the maniac tomorrow. kingmoreracking.com

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Online Games: Raging Death
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