It is clear that the world is bright and proud.

Lu Xiu's voice is as light as a filament, but it is enough to penetrate Lu Li's internal organs. Is it already broken? He knew what it meant, but he kept proving it again and again. "This is.." What do you mean What does that mean? He knows. "That is to say-" Lu Xiudun, suddenly turned around, glaring at the expressionless face of Lu Li, the voice almost shattered every pillar, "she is dead, dead, bastard-I said she is dead-" Lu Xiu finished and fell heavily by the window, half leaning on the windowsill, which was the first time he had cursed. It turns out that he can also curse the Eight Kings who always greet people with a smile, always smiling warmly like him, but he is so hysterical in front of many people. Lu Li seemed to be stunned for a long time before he breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, "Really?" Lu Xiu raised his head, a face of tears, he is not easy to cry, the last time tears are when, he does not remember. Are you in pain now? But-I am very painful, you can not give her, I want to give her, but you do not even leave me a chance-I am not selfish enough to try to have her-at least you can let her live, let me look at her smile, look at her- Lu Xiu can no longer control, for a long time, he has been enduring,rotary vacuum disc filters, lonely growth in the palace under no one's gaze, ignored by his father and mother, blindly retreat, blindly avoid, until the girl, she came to his world, she came to him like this, to his heart.. When she gently held his hand in Qingfeng Lou and accompanied him with a bright smile, she swaggered into his heart. He never wanted to possess her,wall penstocks, as long as she promised to allow him to accompany her, he did not care who she loved, who she wanted to accompany for a lifetime. As long as he can accompany her, even if he looks at her quietly in the distance. He never expected, as long as she still smiled at him. That's all. Once again, the door was blown open by the wind, the wind penetrated, and Lu Li suddenly sat. When he learned that she was going to be in danger, he had already come in a hurry, but it was still too late. Her skill, will not have the slightest mistake, perhaps, she wants to die under that person's sword. He couldn't guess the woman's mind. Since when did she decide.. Maybe from the time she smiled and said she could marry him, but she couldn't love him. There was a dead silence in the room, except for the low sobs of a few ladies. He was not as excited as Lu Xiu, and he knew that they would meet again sooner or later. After completing her entrustment, he will accompany her. When the sword was poured into her body, rapid sand filters ,MBR reactor, he had already decided. Why is it so dead in broad daylight?! Will the living and the dead come out to meet me? Enchanting voice sounded, in addition to Lu Li, everyone can not help but look.The little girl smiled,lamella tube, "Brother, are you the fairy under the peach tree?"? It turns out that men can also be fairies. He fixed a smile, "my name is Xiao Xuan." Little girl. khnwatertreatment.com

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It is clear that the world is bright and proud.
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