Workflow Of Medical Vending Machine

How  the Medical  Vending Machine works  :

1.  The traditional non-smart vending machine puts in banknotes or coins, and the  currency identifier is used for identification. Select the goods, press the  selection button, and the vending machine program adds and subtracts the cash  according to the price of the goods. Shipment, if the amount invested is  insufficient, there will be a prompt, if the amount is sufficient, it will be  shipped directly. Waiting for the further operation of the customer, if you  don't buy other things and choose to change, the vending machine will  automatically change coins according to the result of the calculation just now,  and the shopping is completed.

2.  After the intelligent vending machine selects the goods, the vending machine  program will initiate a payment application QR code (WeChat, Alipay, or other  electronic payment) to the background server, and the QR code will be displayed  directly on the display of the vending machine. After the customer scans the  code, the back-end server will check whether the payment account has received  the money. If so, the back-end server will issue delivery order to the vending  machine, and the vending machine will deliver the goods according to the  order.

3.  The internal control system of modern intelligent vending machines adopts VHDL  description language and uses a finite state machine to describe the system  state. After a power-on reset, the system is automatically initialized, and  different states (such as coin-operated state, and sales state) are converted  according to external input signals. , change status). All in all, the vending  machines we have come into contact with now have many functions, and the  principle is also very complicated. Some of them can be shipped according to the  input delivery code without payment. The principle is that the customer enters  the delivery code or lottery code, and the vending machine uses the delivery  code. Send it to the backend server, the backend server verifies the pick-up  code and sends the corresponding shipping instruction to the vending machine,  and the vending machine outputs the corresponding product according to the  instruction.

Through  the above introduction, Disposable  Medical Face Mask Manufacturers hopes  that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Workflow Of Medical Vending Machine
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