How to choose riding shoes: tips from professionals

After a horse tack review at Horsezz, we decided to understand in more detail how to choose the right footwear for riding and also decided to clarify the opinion of experts who understand this. Choosing the right riding shoes will protect your feet and help ease your work during the training. There are many special shoes for riding, models, and colors for riders - for every taste. What kind of shoes to choose depends on where and how you will use them. In addition, the boots for riding require special care. Two main options for riding shoes are boots or boots with cuffs. There are many models, so it is important to make the right choice.

Riding boots.

Riding boots are the correct choice of footwear. Moreover, they are necessary for the rider"s outfit in serious competitions. Their practical value lies in the fact that they fit well on foot and protect it reliably, namely:

- durable leather, from which the boots are sewn, will protect your feet from bruises, abrasions, and scuffs;

- additionally reinforced sock protects your foot in case the horse gets on his feet;

- the boots reinforce the effect of the heel and help to keep the foot in the right position;

- special heel pads prevent the spurs from slipping while riding.

The highest quality boots are leather, but there are cheaper options - leatherette, rubber, and even plastic. More expensive models have a zipper on the back along the entire length of the boot or lacing (zipper) on the front, which facilitates the process of putting on and taking off the shoes and helps fit them to your foot.

How to choose riding boots.

To determine the size, you need to know the following parameters:

- length of the foot (insole length);

- the perimeter of the shin at its widest part;

- the height of the boot; - the length from the notch under the kneecap to the bottom of the heel.

Trying on riding boots before buying is a must. In terms of foot length, it is better to take boots with half a size reserve.


Riding boots and boots.

Boots with cuffs are a great and cheaper option for regular home training, hobbyists, and children who quickly grow out of clothes and shoes. The boots can have elastic bands, zippers, or laces. These are comfortable summer riding shoes because the foot is less tired and sweaty than boots. Crocs are essentially removable cuffs that are worn over boots. They may be made of thick, durable leather, soft leather, suede, or synthetic. Structurally they differ only in the presence or absence of elastic inserts for a better fit on the leg, place, and shape of the clasp. Suede and synthetic leggings can be of any color or have bright decorative elements (especially for children).

How to choose horseback riding harnesses.

Measurements for choosing turtlenecks are the same as for boots: the girth of the calf muscle in the widest part and the length of the leg. If you plan to perform in them, you"d better choose leather to make them look like boots with boots. If you are still a beginner, it is better if the elastic band is only on top.


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How to choose riding shoes: tips from professionals
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