Writing Articles for the School's Newspaper

It is interesting and fun to write articles for your school magazine because it helps add to your credentials. Plus, you can be called a journalist who covers the school’s news or the events.


Anything important and interesting related to your school can become a highlight in your school’s newspaper. If you do not understand how to do it, then you can take help from your friend or from an online essay writing service.


Variety is always good as it helps grab the attention of the readers. But guess what? A variety of stories is not the only thing you need to worry about while writing for the school magazine but how you write it is also important.


Multiple catchy stories are waiting for you to be covered for the school magazines but writing articles is very different from writing papers or research articles. Journalism has its own rules and guidelines, and you have to follow them if you want to be a good article or essay writer. However, knowing these guidelines is not difficult if you will stick with me till the end of the blog.

Gather Facts and Do your Research

So, in order to avoid this, you need to start your work with research and your main focus should be on gathering accurate facts for your article. Like, you can start by answering these questions.

·         What event took place?

·         Who was involved in it?

·         Where did it happen?

·         When has it happened?

·         Why? What are the reasons behind it?

·         How are different facts connected?


how other Magazines are Doing it

What will you do if you are writing an article for the first time?


Look at the other school magazines and the magazines of your past school events and like this, you will know what things you need and which format you can follow for the article. I would do exactly that when I had to write my essay or article for the school magazine. I would get some inspiration and ideas by going through other magazines. This is how you can explore different ideas and come up on your own.


The body Paragraphs

Article for the newspaper is different from general articles in terms of the sequence.


The important information is revealed in the first paragraph and the next paragraphs have fewer and fewer details. If you do not understand this sequence, you can get sample articles from online school magazines or from an online essay writing service called WriteMyEssay.help. With samples, you will get an idea regarding the sequence and then, you can easily write your article.

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Writing Articles for the School's Newspaper
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