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Structure of the Machine

Decoiling Unit

  1. The expansion and contraction of the drum is controlled by oil pressure, and all exposed parts are blackened.

  2. The material of the material spindle is 42CrMo, and the maximum load is 3500kg.

  3. The expansion and contraction cylinder is designed with four blades. The overall curvature is consistent with the inner diameter of the material. The chrome plating treatment on the surface of the blade increases the wear resistance and smoothness without damaging the surface of the material.

  4. The main frame of the material frame is welded by plate. The thickness of the steel plate is 14mm. All the slopes before welding are welded. The weld is continuous and beautiful. After the box is welded, the bearing hole is processed after annealing and stress treatment.

  5. The material expansion method adopts the inclined raft type, which is better to work with the material concentricity, the expansion material roll is stable, the bulk material is prevented, and the service life of the material rack is prolonged.


Straightening Unit

  1. Driven by variable frequency AC servo motor, the motor is soft and the current impact is small. Through the gantry sensing device, the leveling speed can be adjusted and can be reversed.

  2. The cover for cleaning and maintenance parts can be quickly opened, and the upper and lower surfaces have clear grooves for easy cleaning of debris.

  3. Set the stopper wheel before and after, the two sets of screw and adjusting hand wheel can independently control the size of the opening of the stopper wheel to guide the material.


Feed Unit

  1. The box body is integrally welded, and is annealed and stress-treated after welding.

  2. The joint between the box and the leveling machine is subjected to gantry milling and then subjected to surface grinding.

  3. Each exposed part is blackened.


JC Fine Blanking 2 In 1 Straightener Machine






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Structure of the Machine - henli-machine
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