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Google Analytics is the process of gathering, processing, and evaluating data from websites.

With Web analytics, we can actually evaluate how successful our marketing campaigns have been, identify and improve flaws in our online services, and generate customer profiles to increase the profitability of our advertising and sales activities.

Every successful company is built on the capacity to comprehend and use data given by consumers, rivals, and partners.

Track online traffic

Web analytics will inform you about the following:

The number of users and visitors on your website at any one moment.

  1. What is the source of their origin?

  2. What is it that they are doing on the website?

  3. How much time do they devote to the website?

The analytics will categorize all sources of traffic and website conversions in an easy-to-understand manner. A corporation will realize which activities provide the greatest profit to the bottom line after analyzing the data presented.

For example, we discovered the benefits of ranking better on Google Search on a specialized online business via statistics.

The analytics analyses how organic and sponsored traffic has evolved over time in real-time, allowing a firm to spend its time and money more efficiently.

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Google Analytics in Digital Marketing? | Digital World Tech
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