Intercom access panel and its features

Modern apartment houses require structural solutions for all systems of the building. 

Great attention is paid to security, and if each of the apartment owners is not able to control the entire entryway, then it is quite possible to take care of your apartment. In this case the video phone is the ideal solution, an important part of which is an outdoor panels, which has many important functions.

Different design solutions allow you to choose not only a functional device, but also to get the necessary set of operations, which will allow you to keep everything under control and not miss any important detail.


When video quality matters, or why it's better not to save money on the intercom

Intercom - the basis of the protection of the apartment and office, or other private premises, so installing such a device is important to pay great attention to the choice of each component. 

To the panel intercom long life, it must have a strong body and withstand various mechanical impacts. 

In addition to these indicators, video quality is one of the most important when choosing a panel. 

The better the image quality the monitor transmits, the better for the owners, because you can clearly recognize the faces of visitors, and see all their actions in the stairwell, at the door or office. 

Thanks to the quality of the image it will be easy to spot intruders in cases of theft or other illegal activity, and the clear image on the screen can help prevent crime by reacting in a timely manner.

Therefore, when choosing a ringing panel, it is better to pay a higher price, but choose a model - HD (720 p), or even Full HD (1080 p), such a panel reproduces qualitatively everything that happens in its range and will allow to see even small details, unlike conventional CVBS, which can transmit a blurred and unclear image, especially at night.

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Intercom access panel and its features
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