Tips for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

For those with diabetes, exercise  Blood Balance Formula Review helps in two ways. First, exercise helps with controlling weight and secondly, exercise helps to lower and stabilize blood sugar levels. While most doctors suggest cardiovascular works (as it increases breathing rates and strengthens the heart) more research is promoting weight and resistance training. In fact, one study I looked into found that weight training alone may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Even low intensity physical activities have a positive effect on diabetes management, including such activities as walking, biking, gardening and housework. These activities are easy enough for most people of all ages to engage in to some degree. Obviously more exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes even further. Before beginning any exercise routine, it is advisable to check with your healthcare practitioner for an evaluation and to discuss potential risks.

One concern that many diabetics have is the nerve damage that they might have experienced in their legs and feet. If this is the case, I recommend that these folks look into water exercise as a very low impact form of exercise. Many local pools and fitness centers offer an array of water fitness classes that are lead by certified instructors. Exercising in water helps to drastically reduce the pressure on your legs, ankles, knees and other joints, and in this way, it can make exercising more accessible to people with issues of this nature.


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Tips for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
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