The best io games to play

The origins of IO games can be traced back to Agar.io, the game that started it all. In it, you eat and grow, and then you eat some more and grow some more, consuming anything smaller than you, including other players. It's similar to another similar game, Osmos, except Agar.io is free and multiplayer. You entered a room with dozens of other players, all of whom were attempting to grow, eat, and consume one another in order to become the largest blob possible. If you died, you had to start from scratch. The game became extremely popular, and it has since spawned hundreds of other IO games, some of which are very similar to Agar.io and others which are not, but they all follow a similar format. They're all free to play and multiplayer.

What's the Meaning of a Name?

Most IO games adhere to a similar set of principles (though a few exceptions exist), but in general, an IO game should be:

Quick to play – You can jump in and start playing in seconds with the click of a button. They're all browser-based and have small file sizes. They are, in many ways, an evolution of the flash games of yesteryear.

Easy to learn, difficult to master – Typically, IO games can all be grasped within a few seconds of playing or reading a tutorial. However, mastering them may necessitate some practise (and countless deaths from players who are exponentially more powerful than you).

Elements of an RPG – The majority of them are RPGs, at least in the broadest sense of the term. There is progression, but there isn't usually a cap. You can grow in Agar.io until you cover the entire map as an all-encompassing blob. Other games allow you to level up or upgrade specific stats such as damage or health. The satisfaction that comes from completely dominating other players as you gain ridiculously powerful is a big part of what makes them so addictive and fun. However, there is a subset of IO games that focus on twitch reflexes and skill rather than progression.

Multiplayer – The majority of them are competitive and completely free-for-all. In the case of Agar.io, it's a blob-eat-blob world. Other games, on the other hand, can be cooperative or at the very least team-based. But, in general, they're all multiplayer, and they all involve defeating other players while growing enormously powerful.

Making Sense of It As Agar.io's popularity grew, IO games began to appear every few days, especially given how simple many of them were. It became increasingly difficult to keep track of every IO game available. That's why this website was created: to provide intrepid IO game players with a place to sift through everything available and find the next one to spend an afternoon getting lost in.

Each game's profile will include a short description to give you an idea of what to expect if you choose to play it, as well as the controls and how the game is generally played, as well as a few tips or strategy to give you an advantage over your opponents. You can also vote on any of the games to let other players know how much fun (or not) it is.

If we're missing any IO games, or if any of the games are no longer available, please let us know and we'll add it to the directory.

Aside from that, have fun gaming!

These games, like Flash, are all free to play in your browser. IO games are, in more ways than one, the future of what Flash games were. Again, similar to Flash, there are a plethora of IO games available, an overwhelming number in fact, and separating the good from the bad isn't always easy. That's why we've compiled a list of the top ten IO games you should try.

IO games have seen a significant increase in popularity as a result of influential YouTubers and Twitch streamers riding the wave of short, chaotic, and accessible experiences; however, what exactly are IO games? The extension IO simply refers to the British Indian Ocean Territory domain, whereas the United States uses.com and Canada uses.ca. The first two IO games to go viral, Agar.io and Slither.io, established the trend of using the.io suffix to indicate the genre rather than the domain.

IO games have a broad definition, but they all adhere to a few basic guidelines. They're all free-to-play browser games with a multiplayer component. That's pretty much it. They're meant to be enjoyable, often bite-sized experiences that you can dive into with no reservations.

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The best io games to play
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