Process Safety Engineering Course

The objective of this PG Diploma course is to provide the candidates with the best Detail knowledge and skills in the Process Safety Engineering discipline to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job. The course is designed to accelerate the participant’s process safety learning curve. Serious process safety incidents occur somewhere in the industry nearly every week, and few if any are new; essentially the same ways of going wrong are found repeatedly, in different operating contexts. One of the main objectives of this PG Diploma Course is to develop knowledge of the more common ways of going wrong, and one of the ways of doing that is the discussion of major incidents, including some of those that have affected our regulatory environment. This Diploma Course graduate should be able to see their facilities and projects with a new perspective, a new sense of not only how things work, but also of how things fail. They will also have an appreciation of the reasons for some of our process safety practices and regulations, which will contribute to the more consistent and better-reasoned application of them.

Process Safety Engineering Course

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Process Safety Engineering Course
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