Importance Of Heat Transfer Labels In Clothing Industry

Heat transfer labels also known as HTL are the modern alternatives of traditional stitch-on labels and badges. It’s an easy printing technology in which graphics are instantly printed on the garment.

The quality of the garment remains intact when the design is being embedded into the sub layers during the process of heat transfer. Here are some importance of heat transfer labels in the clothing industry.


Gives clothing an exquisite appearance 

The photographic quality of the heat transfer label enhances the entire look of the product. It brings forth the precise text and provides finesse to the overall print.

The refined and smoother look will attract better customer. Heat transfer labels are the best labels for rough garments like shirts, denim, T-shirts, etc.

heat transfer labels 

Creates Multiple colors display on clothes

Customer’s requirements and wants are met by producing heat transfer clothing labels of various colors and sizes. Heat transfer technology can print varieties of colors at the same time on one single garment.


Faster printing

Heat transfer clothing labels can have a full-color images pattern imprinted on the fabrics within a few seconds. The process is easy and saves a lot of time.

This makes it easier for companies to receive bulk order and start their labeling process of garment on an early note without any hindrance.


Durability and cost saving

Compared to other type of designs on clothes, heat transfer labels are durable and long-lasting. They don’t fade easily.

The print does not crack or peel off and labels look exactly like the original. These labels also withstand environmental conditions such as moisture and temperature, and are highly resistant to chemicals.

Heat transfer labels have lower maintenance costs compare to conventional design labels. No need of setting up large machines.

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Importance Of Heat Transfer Labels In Clothing Industry
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