RuneScape - The same principle applies to the platelets

If you're not concerned about appearance, then you (are an ugly homo) are able to OSRS gold purchase Veracs skirt that matches the body of torn.. Similar def bonus to the legs of torags, but more expensive and comes with a prayer bonuses, so you could use it as a slayer in the event that you don't want to pray for protection prayers. Dfs is only used to tank bosses and in PVP activities, since drag def is much better because of the massive atk bonuses.

The same principle applies to the platelets, with the exception that Dragon platelegs are much less expensive. What is repair cost (convenience of repair is not a problem since there are NPCs located in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe and the Void Knight Outpost and you could repair it at your home)?

It's 90,000 for every 15 hours. It's less if you're working at home and actually possess a medium level of smithing (50 is an example that could cost you 70k). Let's take a round and call it 100k, similar to how we're reducing the price of Torag's to 300k, not 340k. 1,290 is the number of many hours you'd have to fight with the thing (not only wearing it) before spending the same amount on it as you would on a dragon platebody.

To give an example, 200 hours is a long period to attain a level of 99. It is less effective in combat. It's not just for wearing. The statistics don't decrease slowly. They're good, but they cease when they go between 25% and zero. I don't understand why you should pay more for a lesser piece of armor based on the necessity of shelling out a small amount of money each 15-hour period of battle. The reason that dragon platebodies are priced so high has nothing to do with have anything to do with their usefulness is that they're difficult to find.

If not, I'll get an BGs, and then an d claw along with any extra cash... Then the all the money goes to the leveling mage, pray, summ, or herby. Ndy: Got 90 Str today.. I'm not going to train this for a while.. It won't be until I reach 85 def and 90 atk. (From the 80-85 ..), and 70-70 range and buy RuneScape gold possibly even getting veng l0l..

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RuneScape - The same principle applies to the platelets
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