Heat treatment process of diamond blade

Diamond blade is mainly used for laser cutting hard and brittle marble. It is one of the key special tools for producing natural stone. The diamond blade is made by electric welding the diamond blade on the circular substrate.

The diamond blade should be subject to all normal laser cutting. The matrix must have a certain compressive strength. In addition, it should not be too soft and have a certain bending stiffness. The comprehensive reflection is that it should have sufficient strength. Another key characteristic of the matrix is that it suffers obvious vibration in application, because the blade is thicker than the matrix, and there is a certain gap between the matrix and the laser cut marble during operation, In order to better prevent the matrix from being forced to cause compressive strength or fatigue fracture due to vibration, the matrix must have certain plastic ductility, high fatigue strength and ductility limit, so as to alleviate impact and digest and absorb vibration.

It can be seen from the standard specifications of diamond blade matrix that in order to achieve the ductility limit and strength index value of the matrix, the heat treatment process of diamond blade with 65Mn as the matrix raw material should be medium temperature quenching. However, the matrix quenching of diamond blade has a very prominent characteristic, that is, the quenching deformation and cracking selectivity are large.

The causes of deformation are

1. Heating, whether gas or salt bath, the thermal convection of heat will more or less impact the sheet base and lead to heating deformation.

2. In addition, during quenching, the low-temperature martensite of steel changes to austenite, which leads to the change and deformation of mechanical in-situ stress with the transformation of specific volume.

There are many factors causing cracks, such as the composition of steel, the shortcomings of raw materials, the initial group, heating factors, refrigeration factors, and the unique structural characteristics of the blade, resulting in a variety of in-situ stress accumulation in the holes in the blade, especially the large increase of tensile stress nearby, which are all potential factors causing cracks.

The physical properties of diamond blade matrix do great harm to its quality and performance index, and the heat treatment method of matrix is the key factor endangering its physical properties.

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Heat treatment process of diamond blade
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