How to Fix Verizon not working Problem

How to Fix Verizon not working Problem

Verizon ranks first among US carriers, with more than 120 million subscribers. Any Verizon network downtime would affect many of you, possibly putting you off the network. And while Big Red's network is also known for its reliability, a Verizon outage isn't out of the question.

However, there could also be other things keeping you offline. Today we'll go over the possible reasons why Verizon not working problem, as well as what you can do to fix the problem.

While rare, Verizon blackouts do happen. Most are local, but there can also be interruptions across the country. This is probably the first thing you want to check if your Verizon service suddenly stops working.

The first place to check is the Verizon website. Just sign in to My Verizon and the carrier will send you a notification or alert at the top of the page. This is, of course, if the carrier knows you're affected by a Verizon outage. Dig deeper into the issue by opening a chat window and entering "network outage".

A great alternative is the DownDetector.com website. The site tracks consumer reports and will let you know if you're not the only one dealing with Verizon not working. It even has a map showing localized outages.

Confirm that the line is active

While you're on the Verizon website, you can also check to see if your line is active. Forgetting to pay a bill happens to all of us, and you may have forgotten it this month. Not to mention that automatic payments can sometimes fail.

You can get all the details by signing in to your My Verizon account. The alternative would be to call Verizon support and ask if your line is still active or not.

Are you within the coverage area?

Also, don't be surprised if you are in the middle of the desert and find yourself with no signal. While Verizon has some of the best coverage in the country, it does have its blind spots. The reason Verizon isn't working may not be strict because the service isn't working. Check the carrier coverage map by clicking the button below and then check if your location has access to the carrier network.

Is your mobile data activated?

There is an option to disable mobile data in settings. Sometimes users may accidentally disable Internet access. Or maybe you slowed down a kid's phone and they delved too deep into the options! Make sure your mobile data connection is turned on, just in case.

How to activate mobile data:

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Go to Network and Internet.

  • Tap Mobile network.

  • You will see a mobile data section with a switch on the right. Turn it on.

  • You can also activate the Roaming option here. It can connect you if you are out of your coverage area or out of the country.

Reset your network settings

Sometimes we play too much with settings and don't know how to get everything back to normal. As mentioned above, it could have been that you changed something by mistake. Whatever the case may be, resetting your network settings to default may be a method worth trying when you're having issues with Verizon not working. Everything can go back to normal.

How to reset your network settings:

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Go to System.

  • Select Reboot Options.

  • Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

  • Select Reset Settings.

  • Enter your PIN.

Update your smartphone

It's not often that old software has a serious relationship with Verizon and doesn't work, but it does happen. Carriers have also been known to include enhancements in software updates, so you might as well give that a try.

How to update your phone software:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Go to System.

  3. Tap Advanced.

  4. Select System Update.

  5. Tap Check for updates.

  6. Follow the instructions if you have an update available.

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How to Fix Verizon not working Problem
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