Recovery tips and tricks

Restoring a backup on Android

Make a backup of your iPhone, you will appreciate it on more than one occasion. If you made your copy of Windows, now we teach you how to restore it. In addition to the functions that the operating systems themselves have, there are applications that make automatic copies of the documents created, such as Google Photos, which allows unlimited storage of photos and videos.

Backing up my summer photos and videos to Google Photos and iCloud.

In some operating systems such as Windows or Mac, when we delete a document, it is not deleted, it is moved to a special folder called “Trash” or “Recycle Bin”. When sending a document to the trash can, the space it occupies on the hard drive is still marked as occupied, so we can access it without the need for any specific tool. At the moment the trash can is emptied, the space occupied by each document is marked as available and therefore we will not be able to access it with the tools provided by the operating system. Searching in the trash can get us out of more than one hurry since by keeping the documents stored there we can recover them as long as we haven't emptied it.

Apple devices that incorporate this operating system do not have a recycle bin where deleted files are stored.

A functionality similar to that of a recycle bin can be found in the Photos application that has iOS by default. When we delete a graphic element like a photo or video, it goes into an album called “Deleted”. The elements will be stored here for a month until the space occupied by the document is marked as available. At that time the operating system will be able to overwrite it when necessary and its recovery may be more complicated or even not possible.

Like iOS, Android also does not have a recycle bin. What does exist is an application called ES File Explorer, available on Google Play, which allows, among other functions, to manage files. It has a function that acts as a recycle bin called "Recycle Bin" and that is enabled by default in the app.

Having this functionality can save us from more than one hurry since all deleted items will be moved to the recycle folder until we empty it, but this feature only works if we delete the items from the app itself.

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Recovery tips and tricks
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